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Funding Needs

Funding Needs for 2014

A. Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity: Phase Three

Launched in 2005, the online Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity (BDCC) has become a trusted and even authoritative source for information about the spread of Christianity among Chinese around the world, especially in Mainland China.

The English page has well over five hundred short biographies of both famous and also lesser known figures, both Chinese and Western. There are close to three hundred original articles on the Chinese page, most of them written by our Chinese Editor, Dr. Yading Li. These are available in both traditional and simplified characters.

For three years, Dr. Li served as pastor of a large Chinese church in Honolulu, Hawaii, in order to provide income for himself and his wife. As a result, he was not able to write many stories for the BDCC. Early in 2013, he resigned that position and re-located with her to California, where he spends all his time contributing well-researched pieces on both missionaries and Chinese Christian leaders.

If he is to continue to devote all his time to this vital project, Dr. Li will need about $40,000 in 2014. As you know, California is an expensive place to live. His wife, Dr. Cui’an Peng, already has a position with Great Commission International, but the income is not sufficient for them both.

Meanwhile, our Content Manager, Jason Truell, has begun to re-build the site, using the most up-to-date software. This new platform will enable much greater searchability; easier posting of new articles; better usability for mobile devices; and other improvements.

Other members our group are also planning to contribute more articles to the English page and to translate articles from Chinese to English.

This is an urgent need; will you please pray for God to provide the needed funds?

Cost: $50,000

B. Capacity-building

1. Conference attendance:

To build relationships with both Chinese and Western scholars, we need to be able to attend, and make presentations at, conferences in the West and in Asia. The Director will attend the American Society for Church History in Washington, D.C., January, 2014. Other conferences later in the year will also require our presence.

Cost : $1,500

2. Travel by the General Director

To stay in touch with our associates and to maintain a current understanding of the situation in China and Taiwan, Wright Doyle must occasionally travel to Asia and other places. In 2014, trips are needed to China, Taiwan, California, and perhaps other places.

Cost: $2,000

3. Retreat for all Associates

To strengthen our cooperation as scholars as well as to build cohesion for our team, a retreat is planned for May, 2014, the first one in nine years.

Cost: $5,000