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Review of Surviving the State, Remaking the Church

Review by  May 8, 2019
It’s widely known that in recent decades, China’s economy, social structures and citizens themselves have undergone unprecedented change, development and upheaval. This is no less true for the Christian church and its members across the vast country.

Book Review: Relational Missionary: Theology, Theory, and Practice

Review by Dr. G. Wright Doyle April 27, 2019
This volume opens with almost one hundred pages of theology, followed by a section on the theory of missions pedagogy, concluding with a solid treatment of “best practices” for relational missionary training. The authors build their case for relational missionary training on a solid biblical and theoretical foundation, but they are equally strong and practical in the section on how to apply basic principles to actual training.

China: Ancient Culture, Modern Society

Review by Kittie Helmick June 19, 2018
The authors of China: Ancient Culture, Modern Society declare, “China has arrived, big time.” Their work offers a primer for readers who want to be informed about the world’s newest superpower with an accessible yet comprehensive text. As the authors, G. Wright Doyle and Peter Xiaoming Yu, hail from the United States and China respectively, their work is well- qualified to present China to American readers.

Global Chinese Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity

Review by Dr. G. Wright Doyle April 23, 2018
Global Chinese Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity breaks new ground in our understanding of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity among Chinese around the world. It also provides valuable information and insight about large elements of Chinese Christianity that are not, strictly speaking, “Pentecostal” or even “Charismatic.”

How History Haunts Us

Review by Dr. G. Wright Doyle February 24, 2018
Who said history wasn’t relevant? Though at first glance a biography of a largely-discredited independent German missionary who was born almost two centuries ago might seem to have little to do with our current situation, Jessie Lutz’ masterful narrative and analysis of the life and times of Karl Gutzlaff provokes the question, Has anything changed?

I Stand With Christ

Review by Dr. G. Wright Doyle January 8, 2018
The former leader of one of the five largest house church networks in China has penned a story that gripped and moved me greatly. Endorsed by prominent Chinese Christians who know the author, this fast-paced narrative covers the decades from the dark days of the Cultural Revolution, to the continued outreach, even to foreign countries, along with government pressure, of recent years.

Shanghai Faithful

Review by Dr. G. Wright Doyle November 14, 2017
“This masterful biography is a loving and skillfully written portrait of the Lin family, spanning five generations. The author also provides an authentic survey of the historical events that overtook the family members during these decades. I recommend this book...

Chinese Theology: Text and Context, Part II

Review by Dr. G. Wright Doyle September 5, 2017
Chapter 6: The Church and the People’s Republic of China In this second “big-picture” chapter, Dr. Starr provides another brilliant overview of the dark days of Roman Catholic and Protestant believers in the 1950s through the early 1970s. During this...

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