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What is a RSS feed?

Briefly, RSS feeds are a technology used by websites to automatically inform users of regularly updated content. RSS feeds work with a newsreader, a program or website that automatically checks your list of RSS feeds and displays new content on each website in your list. In addition, a RSS feed will deliver either an excerpt or a full version of the updated content.

Using our RSS feeds

RSS feeds are easy to use. The first step is to download a newsreader like FeedDemon (Windows only), NetNewsWire (Mac only), or Bloglines (web-based). Next, click on one of our RSS feed links above and copy the website address (URL). In the newsreader program choose “subscribe” and paste in the URL. Once you have subscribed to a RSS feed, it will continue to deliver new content from the website to your newsreader.

Some web browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer 7.0 (Windows only), and Safari 2.0 (Mac only) read RSS feeds within the browser without the need for a newsreader application.